Breaking News – A Client Blog Announcement!


This is a unique (and shorter) post for the Client Blog – and part of something I’ve been working hard on for a few months now. My exciting announcement is…(drumroll, please) that on Wednesday, January 28, I will be rolling out a six-part series about storytelling (specifically, thirty-second storytelling) on the blog. And the best part is, I will be releasing one post a week for 6 weeks in a row! Now you won’t have to wait a month between Client Blog posts – just a week. I plan to release a new installment from the series every Wednesday afternoon. Please follow me on Twitter (@ajbake) or like the Facebook page for updates and release info.

It’s been a very busy 2015 already, with several exciting shoots in the can and in post-production now.  So in addition to the six-part weekly series on storytelling kicking off next week, I will be adding in some additional posts in the next few months. I’m excited about those upcoming projects, which had some unique challenges and takeaways to share. So keep an eye out for those posts.

Overall, my goal is to get more content posted on the blog more regularly, and to grow awareness for the site and its themes (teamwork, collaboration, creativity, and understanding what clients think/want).  Posting more content on the blog – well, that’s on me! But for the second part (awareness), I need your help. Please help share the content, via Facebook, or Twitter, texting your friends…maybe sending an email, teletype, fax, or Pony Express. However you can do it, if you like what you read, please share it with others. Thanks so much for your support of the blog, it is really rewarding for me to get all of your great feedback and hear that it’s insightful or informative. (Feel free to tweet any comments or questions to me as well.)  See you back back here on January 28th where I’ll publish part 1 of a series titled “The Art of the Thirty Second Story.”

Cheers – and thank you!


P.S. (For 2014 Masters in Motion attendees reading this, don’t worry – I’ll be including some new content and takeaways for you guys!)

_DSC1927 copyOn-set in LA at a recent shoot. Photo by David Thomas.